My name is obviously “Mr. Hewitt.” I have been teaching for almost 3 decades and most of my teaching has been in Third Grade. Back in 2007, for fun, I decided to learn how to program. I bought myself  Beginning Flash Game Programing for Dummies and taught myself how to program in Flash. Soon I was creating educational programs for students. I made a webpage for my students to use at home. Word of my webpage spread throughout the district and it became a popular educational tool across all of the elementary schools. After being used a half million times, I decided to make the website more accessible to the world.

With all of the online testing coming to education, it is even more important that our students become comfortable with using technology as a learning tool. Since I teach third grade, most of the programs I have written are centered around the third grade standards. When I write a program I always try to include previous taught skills for remediation and higher level skills for enrichment. As a result, there should be a lot available for every elementary level. I plan on adding even more options for other grade levels in the future.

Since I am transitioning my programs to HTML5, the new programs will work on mobile devices, but the old programs will only work on a computer.

A big thanks to my former teaching partner, Mr. Jones, for helping me with some of the media on this site.  A gigantic amount of gratitude goes to my amazing wife, Mrs. Hewitt, for putting up with my obsessive programming and helping me with parts of this site.

If you see any problems with a program or have suggestions for future programs, feel free to e-mail me at Keep in mind that during the school year my priority is always to my students and my family. I will do my best to keep improving this site.