In my newest programs I created a window that keeps track of the user's scores. As students work through a
program the computer will keep track of the level, score, and time. In my classroom we do a lot of our work in
stations. At the end of the station I can check each student's computer to see how they did. In many cases I will
check off the levels when they meet a certain criteria.
If other students are going to be using the program, they click “New User” and it will reset the scores. Also notice
that the computer records the time that the student started the program.
Most of my programs have a time component. I try to set a time goal as a way of encouraging them to work in a
timely manor. If they get a 100% and meet the time goal they will see a “perfect” screen at the end of the level.
In my newer program there is a “stop” button, so if a student needs to restart the level they can. Every time they
stop a level it will show up in their score list. I do this to try to prevent students from starting over every time they
make a mistake.
When a student starts one of the newer program the time they started will show up in the score list. I use this to
make sure the scores I am seeing belong to that student.
Since I have been writing programs for seven years, most of the programs are older and do not have the list of
scores or a stop button. With these programs I tell the students my criteria for passing a level and then they show
me when they meet this criteria. If they need to start one of these programs over, the best thing to do is to click
the reload button on the browser.
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