On this page I will let you know anytime I update or add a new program.

January 11, 2015
New - Geometry app to teach all the third grade Common Core Geometry.

August 16, 2015
I created 3 brand new programs
1. On the Base Ten page there is a new place value program that allows students to make, add, and subtract using place value blocks. For this program I used ones, tens, and hundreds. I think this is going to better help them understand why we regroup and trade in blocks when we add and subtract.

2. On the Basic Opperations page there is a counting program. Students are given different starting numbers and different number by which to count. Currently they have to count up and down by ones, fives, and tens. I hope to add other more challenging problems in the near future.

3. Also on the Basic Opperations page there is a new Fact Family program. This program uses tiles that the students move on the page to create fact families. The harder level uses fact families to solve for a variable.

I also made some changes to the Large Number program to hopefully fix some of the bugs.